BBC The Apprentice hit with gender row minutes into episode as viewers demand format change

The Apprentice is back but the format is starting to get tired say some BBC viewers – especially the boys vs girls split.

As it has been for the past decade plus, the Apprentice sees two teams of ‘business brains’ go head to head to try to prove they have the capitalist know-how to secure Amstrad founder Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment.

But as with every other series stretching right back to the 2000s, the first episode sees the candidates split into girls versus the boys.

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The first episode of the 2024 series saw the candidates back in the boardroom as they took on the task of putting on a team building exercise in the Scottish highlands.

Mistakes were made, including the serving of bottled water instead of booze for a ‘welcome drink’.

But a lot of BBC viewers thought that the girls vs boys split is outdated and that the format needs a refresh, especially after the excitement of The Traitors last week.

@olireading said: “I am surprised they still do the “boys vs girls” thing #TheApprentice”

@sheldonkgoodman said; “It’s really had its day as a show, hasn’t it. Pitting genders against each other, putting yourself forward as project manager, putting crumble on fish cakes. The Traitors, this is not #TheApprentice

Karren Brady was baffled by the candidates in the new Apprentice series
Karren Brady was baffled by the candidates in the new Apprentice series
(Image: BBC)

“Is it good viewing? It’s cut and paste programming from a decade ago. It’s stayed still as a show. Think I’ll give the rest of the series a miss!”

@missprodger said; “Are we ever gonna get rid of this “boys” vs “girls” s***? Boooooring”

@stevemacnamara said; Come on it’s 2024! Why does #TheApprentice insist on the gender divide in the first few tasks!!!”

The Apprentice returns next Thursday, February 8 on BBC One at 9pm.

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