Cost of living Sheffield: How to get a refund if your water bill is in credit – what Yorkshire Water says

It’s not uncommon to be billed for more water than what you’re actually using – if you are, you’re entitled to some of that money back. People in Sheffield use Yorkshire Water as their local water company – let’s take a look at how you can get a refund from Yorkshire Water if they have overcharged you.

How to check if you’re overpaying on your water bill

If you’re in credit, it should appear on your bill or your online account but if you’re unsure, contact your water provider and ask.

How can I get money back if I’m overpaying on my water bill?

While most water companies will require you to submit a request to receive a credit refund, this is not the case with Yorkshire Water. If you use considerably less than your estimated bill, you will be entitled to an automatic refund. If it is only a small amount, it will be deducted from your next water bill instead.

Estimated bills are worked out by looking at a customer’s two previous monthly water metre readings and working out the average. The resulting number will be the amount that you are charged for that month.

The Yorkshire Water website states: “If you’ve paid for a lot more water than you’ve used, there’s no need to get in touch, we’ll send you a refund. If you’ve paid for a little bit more than you’ve used, your next payments could be slightly lower.”

How to save money with Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water has given over 45,000 of its customers a payment of £70 into their accounts to help with the cost of living crisis. This payment is part of a £115 million relief package from Yorkshire Water to help its customers during these times.

Additionally, Yorkshire Water advises you to get a water metre if you haven’t already, as they are a useful tool for monitoring your water usage. Alongside all this, Yorkshire Water has four different schemes that you can use to help you save money on your water bills.

  • WaterSupport, which helps customers on lower incomes, with income-based benefits, pay their water charges
  • Community Trust, an independent charity at Yorkshire Water supporting customers who are due refunds
  • WaterSure, which can help large, low-income households, or customers who need to use additional water for a medical condition
  • Resolve, which helps those who are struggling with debt to catch up on their previous bills

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