Sheffield’s best ‘activity bars’ including Billy Big Balls, Golf Fang and Roxy Ball Room

The unique venue has a giant ball pit similar to those seen in children’s play centres that adults can enjoy.

This comes hot on the heels of an ‘adult-themed’ mini golf venue called Golf Fang.

The venue in John Street, Highfield, combining art, humour and nostalgia with cleverly themed holes, which include a set that mimics a scene from the infamous Jeremy Kyle Show, a Godzilla hand crushing an American-style police car and an aeroplane fuselage.

Revellers can also party the night away at Roxy Ball Room in Wellington Street that includes beer pong, pool, ice-free curling, duckpin bowling and a shuffleboard.

Such ‘activity-themed’ bars show how the city’s hospitality industry is diversifying it’s offering in order to give people a range of experiences when planning a night out.

The venues are likely to appeal to the thousands of new students the city welcomes each Autumn.

Unique venues such as these are to be welcomed. Becoming a more interesting, quirky and diverse city can only be a good thing.

Sheffield’s thriving food and drink scene continues to boom with the opening of many ‘activity-themed’ bars that are giving a new take on nights out in the city. The former Players Bar in West Street has recently been transformed into a new venue called Billy Big Balls.

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