Jeremy Clarkson causes uproar as he says school is for ‘smoking and bonking’ – and not for studying

Jeremy Clarkson has claimed that teenagers should spend their school days “smoking and sh***ing” rather than focus on their exams.

The Clarkson’s Farm star believes that they are under too much pressure and should focus their efforts on other things.

Jeremy has bragged about his achievements in life despite the underwhelming grades he received many years ago. He also revealed that the only reason he managed to break into journalism was because grandfather, who worked as a GP, delivered the editor’s wife’s first baby during an air raid in the war.

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Writing in his column for The Times, the Clarkson’s Farm star said: “I tell this story to kids, hoping they’ll realise that school is for smoking and sh***ing, not swotting.

Jeremy Clarkson co-hosted Top Gear for a number of years
Jeremy Clarkson believes that they are under too much pressure and should focus their efforts on other things
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“But they all have it in their heads that without four A*s and a first from Oxford, they’re going to spend their lives endlessly asking customers if they’ve ever been to a Harvester before. This makes them all unbelievably stressy. If you then throw the teachers strike into the mix, you end up with what we must now call a ‘mental health epidemic’.”

Clarkson is under the impression that exam results are only really important “if you want to be a doctor or a lawyer” and need professional qualifications.

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The former Top Gear host also confessed that he recently hired someone to work on his Cotswolds farm without asking if he had any qualifications from school or if he had attended university.

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